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Freedom on Tour Our visit to The Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal v Leicester City Football match at The Emirates.

On Monday 22nd October 7 people from Freedom Support were invited by Leicester City as their special guests to attend the football match against Arsenal at The Emirates Stadium. Cant isn’t in the Freedom dictionary so of course we said yes!

We arrived at the King Power Stadium at 1pm ready for our journey to The Emirates with a number of other football fans. Meeting up with Sarah and Phil our friends from LCFC Community Trust the excited group poured onto the bus. It was a wonderful treat to be part of the fan group and all the clients joined in with the chants and celebratory hopes.

Once at The Emirates we were joined by Luke from Arsenal Community Trust fed and watered and led to the Sensory Area of the Stadium. The Sensory Area is a wonderful array of colourful lights and interactive movement devices. Everyone enjoyed the changing colour light machine and playing football on the floor with the movement sensitive projector.  It was a great way to start the event and a perfect option for people who struggle with the noise, the environment and may need a period of respite.

Then the game started and so did the support from Freedom. In our protected ‘box’ with a huge window and an excellent view of the game we watch the story unfold. Sadly the ending was not as we were hoping with a 3 – 1 defeat but serious fun was had by all. Tired but happy we trooped back onto the bus only to strike up with songs of glory regardless of what the Arsenal fans said!

It was a fantastic experience for all and we are very grateful for the opportunity. The personalised programmes were the icing on the cake.

We are hoping with funding and backing that we will be able to support Sarah with her bid for a sensory room at the King Power Stadium so that we can also compete with Arsenal on their opportunities for people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health and general anxiety issues. Currently they are way ahead of us.

They cant compete with us on fan support though. Come on you Foxes!!



If you feel that you are able to support the development of a sensory room or similar please contact Freedom Support Solutions Ltd – or call 01858 463546.