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Help with accessing funding

Understanding the paperwork

Assessments, reviews, support plans, finances, budgets, fairer charging, policy changes. It can all be very confusing.

We offer advice and support to enable you to understand the ‘paperwork’

We can guide you through what it means to have a Direct Payment Card or Direct Payment into a bank account. We can also tell you about other options so that you fully understand your choices.

We will make sure that you understand each and every part of the process if this is what you want. We will always use plain language and will avoid jargon at all costs.

We will help you to access the things that you are entitled to and that is available to you.

We want to understand everything so that you can choose the right options for you.

You do not have to use this service but it will always be available to you.

To get started and let us help you just get in touch with us.