Lead and Achieve Certificated Course

This course will help you to achieve your sports, volunteering, and leadership skills whilst being recognised for the work you do. The course is broken down into 4 modules, which will help with learning about leading and achieving in your local community.

The course will be made up of 4 modules:

  • Sports Participation
  • Volunteering
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership

The course folder will focus on the 4 different modules, where you will work through the folder tasks, demonstrate how you are achieving each module, and learn more about each subject. You will be asked to write about your experiences in each area and can use pictures to demonstrate your work.

You will be able to work through the course folder in your own time, as well as attending the sessions at Freedom Training Academy HQ which will be put on to help you.

The modules are:

Sports Participation –  if you take part in 3 or more different sports activities in your own time or through Freedom you will pass this module. You will be asked to complete a diary of your participation and be able to demonstrate through photos, pictures or writing.

Volunteering – If you take part in volunteering in the community or at Freedom and complete the workbook with pictures and writing to a good standard  you will pass.

Professional Development –  take part in an outside course related to sport, health and physical activity, then complete the workbook. You will be asked to write about these courses and how they have helped you and others. Courses such as Dementia Friends and the FA coaching qualification can be used to write about in this section.

Leadership – this is a 5 week delivered module of the course which will help you to become a confident and effective sports leader. You will be expected to attend all 5 sessions of the module, take part in all of the activities and to work through the course folder, using writing and pictures.

To achieve the award, the following criteria must be met –

Bronze Award – 2 modules

Silver Award – 3 modules

Gold Award – 4 modules

You will have until 31st October 2018 to complete the course

Active Harborough District and Freedom Support Staff will help you through the course, and provide you with opportunities to complete all of the modules


I feel that it is important to recognise and celebrate success. The lead and achieve course pulls together all of the great work which happens at Freedom within (4 modules) We hope the lead and achieve scheme will inspire others to become more active and to provide wider leadership opportunities in the community. L Plummer Physical Activity Development Officer, Harborough District council.

Course details

  • This course is run from 17th July until October 2018 when all information must be submitted
  • Different levels can be achieved
  • Run at Freedom Academy HQ and out in the community.
  • Every day activities can count towards your certificate.
  • Will be fully supported through every stage of the certificate.

Who can apply

We want everyone to be able to be involved and this course is open to everyone, however it is important that you are able to progress through the course information. You do not have to read or write but you must have an understanding of the course requirements. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will talk to you about how we can involve you.

Alternative courses

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