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Pottery pigs, strange weather and new beginnings – Spring 2019

Well Spring finally sprung and then it sprung back again! Talk about confusing. The flowers and animals don’t know what to do with themselves! The bright days appear to be picking up again after a windy outburst and it really did blow the cobwebs away. Brrrr.

At Freedom we enjoyed every second of the (unexpected week) of sun and for us it reminds us of the times to come that we love – summer! Summer equals Warm days and tons of fun. Similar to winter but outdoors!

Not that we have let the cold weather get us down of course. We have had all sorts going on as always – Did you see the pottery pigs for Chinese New Year? Just fantastic and so cute. New adventures and projects were plenty of course. We had our first Empowerment meeting, new drama sessions started as well as dog walking and LCFC theory sessions. The oldies and goodies such as tennis also remain with sailing just around the corner – starting on 1st April! If you want to get involved you must let us know now as it gets booked up very quickly.

Our 4th Supported Living home is now up and running and we have employed 3 new supported living staff Debbie, Jo and Paola, Welcome to all of you from everyone at Team Freedom. Our new tenants are a wonderful bunch – its going to be fun. Congratulations to you all and welcome to your new home. Hurray!!

We have also employed a new Catering Support worker Clare. I’ve obviously had to sacrifice my waistline to try Clare’s cooking and although it took a few attempts at trying Clare’s cakes I can vouch for their yumminess! (I deserve a medal)

On a different note we have been working with a company affiliated to Freedom that supports with Consultancy Services and Family Advice Services. If you are interested to know more there is information on our website or you can always call me Miranda on 07470936707 or email They are open to suggestions about how they can help everyone so feel free to get in touch.

A big thanks to Active Together who donated a kurling and boccia ‘rainy day’ kit to us so that we can use these ourselves. I’ve been trying to pry them from the staffs hands to let the clients have a go! Ill keep trying wish me luck.

We have had a request to have our newsletters put onto a podcast which is a fantastic idea. I am still trying to work this out so if you can help me at all it would be very appreciated. Ill keep trying in the meantime.

And finally, we cannot leave without saying thanks to a man who was a big part of Freedom Support but sadly passed away recently Mr Philip Grinyer. Mr Grinyer has left a big hole that can never be filled. Thank you for all you did for us and love always to the Grinyer family. You will always be a part of the Freedom Family.

Well that’s it for now (I missed loads out so I might be back for an inbetweeny) I will talk to you all again very soon. Love and laughter to you all. Summer here we come!!!!!

Miranda xx