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New FA accredited football course

New FA accredited football course


Working in Partnership with Leicestershire and Rutland County FA and Sport and Health Team Harborough District Council. We present a new FA accredited football coaching and refereeing course.

It is with huge excitement that we can now announce our new accredited short course run by Leicestershire and Rutland County Football Association in partnership with Health and Sport Team Harborough District Council. The course will run 29th June, 6th July and 13th July, between 1-3pm at Harborough Leisure Centre. This can only be accessed through Freedom Support Training Academy so contact us to sign up for the course. New, current and old students welcome.  This course will take you through what it means to be a referee and a coach and on passing the course will open up doors to further training courses to increase your skills in this area. If you are interested and want to get involved, enrol or just find out more please call or email Miranda 01858 463546 miranda@freedomsupport.co.uk

‘Im so excited – Ive joined already. Football is really important to me and I want to be able to go as far as I can.’ Current Freedom Student.

Course details

  • Run over 3 weeks on a Friday afternoon (6 hours total)
  • An accredited course
  • Run at Harborough Leisure Centre
  • In Partnership with Leicestershire and Rutland County FA and Sport and Health Team Harborough District Council.
  • Learn how to coach football and referee a game of football. This course takes you through writing, talking and thinking about how to be a good coach and referee to actual doing the job for yourself.
  • This course will lead onto other courses and help you move further in your chosen subject.

Who can apply

We want everyone to be able to be involved and this course is open to everyone, however it is important that you are able to progress through the course information. You do not have to read or write but you must have an understanding of the course requirements and be able to take and give direction. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will talk to you about how we can involve you.

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