As we go into our 3rd Lockdown – to give us hope and courage at this difficult time.

What can we say? Its almost unfathomable what we have all endured during the last year and yet again we find ourselves in our 3rd lockdown. We are so proud of the Freedom community –  our Staff  who have worked tirelessly throughout the year to ensure that our building is safe, and our Clients our safe.  Its been such a difficult time for everyone but they have dealt with it all without question. We would like to thank our Clients and Parents and Carers for their continued support and understanding – we could not have done this without you all. We again say thanks to the NHS and Social Care staff as well as all the other hard working key workers at this time.

Freedom Support will remain open during this lockdown to our Clients and families who still require our valuable services.  To our Clients and families who are Shielding, we are thinking of you and we will miss you and can’t wait for you all to walk back through our doors again.  We have learned during the past year and have found new, exciting, fun and healthy activities for our clients, just checkout our Facebook page. Yes it’s challenging but when you have a fantastic and enthusiastic staff team we can get through this. We want to thank all our wonderful clients, their families, our staff and training partners for their understanding during this crisis.

And so as we reach another crisis peak  it is important to look back so that we can plan to move forward after this is all over to the things that we will enjoy once again. 

Things like tennis and allotment, sailing and exercise in the park, we hope to resume all of these when we can get back to a more “normal” situation. As well as our bigger events like our Graduation and the carers awards. Instead we have been making and creating, cooking, enjoying themed evenings and importantly enjoying the great outdoors. Attached to this blog are a number of photos of how we have been coping during this time of isolation. We have and always will make the best of everything.

And finally, we miss you all, every single person that is involved with Freedom. Stay safe please so we can all be together once again.

with love

Everyone at Team Freedom xx