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Working in Partnership with Leicestershire and Harborough District Council. We present a new football course that enables you to get competitive and practise your skills


Football is a great team sport that enables clients to get competitive in games against each other and other teams in the local community. In addition it gives you the opportunity to practise skills through a variety of different drills.

Im so excited - Ive joined already. Football is really important to me and I want to be able to go as far as I can.
Current Freedom Student

Who can apply

We want everyone to be able to be involved and this course is open to everyone, however it is important that you are able to progress through the course information. You do not have to read or write but you must have an understanding of the course requirements and be able to take and give direction. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will talk to you about how we can involve you.

If you are not yet a student of Freedom Support Training Academy. Or need further information about this course then please contact us.

Alternative courses

Course details

  • Friday afternoons 1pm-2pm
  • Run at Harborough Leisure Centre