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Gym Sessions

Gym For adults with learning disability and mental health needs
Get fit whilst having fun. Learn how to use all of the gym equipment at Market Harborough Leisure Centre with a fully qualified gym instructor.

Gym Sessions

During these regular sessions you will learn how to work out each part of your body and the importance of remaining physically active. You can work with the gym instructor to develop a personalised fitness programme which will suit your needs and help to achieve your personal fitness goals.

You will learn
Where the gym is within the LC, where the changing rooms are, how to use the lockers, where to put your belongings, how to get a drink from the machine and food. Understanding what to wear, what to bring with you.

The sessions look at working with a gym instructor, How to warm up and cool down. How to use the different equipment to work parts of the body. How to get the most from the gym to reach your personal goals, share the equipment with other gym users, taking your turn, patience, work as a team to encourage each other, agreeing a plan to work on your own.

The course is designed to really get people involved throughout the whole Leisure Centre experience from the moment you walk through the door to leaving after a successful gym session. Its wonderful for those people that have never been involved in using the gym. It is perfect for helping with confidence and planning. I’m so pleased to work in partnership with Freedom Support Training Academy to offer this to their students.
Leanne Plummer – Harborough District Council, Physical Activity Development Officer

Who can apply

We want everyone to be able to be involved and this course is open to everyone, however it is important that you are able to progress through the course information. You do not have to read or write but you must have an understanding of the course requirements. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will talk to you about how we can involve you.

If you are not yet a student of Freedom Support Training Academy. Or need further information about this course then please contact us.

Alternative courses

Park Fit

Exercise and keep healthy wile enjoying the beautiful surroundings of our local Welland Park.

Course details

  • Every Friday afternoon 1:30pm to 2:30pm
  • At Market Harborough Leisure Centre
  • Achieve a certificate when attended 10 sessions
  • Course is ongoing
  • Walk to the Leisure Centre from Freedom HQ
  • Run in partnership with Harborough District Council and Market Harborough Leisure Centre