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Bushcraft For adults with learning disability and mental health needs
Introducing outdoor learning and survival skills in a fun and interactive way.


Shelter, water, food and fire, are all we really need! Would you like to learn these basic survival skills? On this practical course you will learn how to build a shelter, prepare and light a fire, forage for food, purify water, cook food and learn to use tools safely.

Along the way, you’ll be learning about ecology and our impact on the natural world.

With learners at Freedom, independence is on-going. Encouraging you to walk around a known site and look for something familiar in a step toward independent discovery. Each session is outside in a rural area. We discuss as a group what you would like to achieve and I then facilitate that learning. The session highlights are always campfire cooking and green woodworking.
Course Tutor

Who can apply

We want everyone to be able to be involved and this course is open to everyone, however it is important that you are able to progress through the course information. You do not have to read or write but you must have an understanding of the course requirements. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will talk to you about how we can involve you.

If you are not yet a student of Freedom Support Training Academy. Or need further information about this course then please contact us.

Alternative courses

Course details

  • Run over three terms on various days
  • Not accredited – whole-person learning, not a certificate
  • Run at Freedom Academy HQ