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At Freedom Support Training Academy, we understand that everyone has unique needs and abilities. That is why we offer a variety of courses, experiences and activities so that everyone can have a chance of being involved. There is something for everyone.

Cultural Cooking

A fantastic opportunity to gain a sustained qualification. The course focuses on upskilling basic cooking skills and requires working collaboratively which enabled sustained and empowered outcomes.

Art Therapy With Movement

Let's get creative! This course enables students to use visual and tactile media as a means of self-expression and communication to promote well-being.


Feeling Confident? Workshops cover all experiences and outcomes within drama and link in with the Curriculum for Excellence. Students have the opportunity to create a strong understanding of emotion.


Feeling competitive? Get involved with an Olympic and Paralympic winter sport with friends.


Swimming is a life skill. Therefore it is an important part of our healthy living at Freedom’s Training Academy. These sessions are being run at Market Harborough Leisure Centre. The main pool includes space for fitness swimming whereas the other are ideally suited for those wanting to have fun in the water.


Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and become healthier. Take a walk with friends to unwind and feel good.

Anyone for Tennis?

This tennis course is an introduction to playing the game. Individual attention is given to help everyone develop to the best of their ability.


Working in Partnership with Leicestershire and Harborough District Council. We present a new football course that enables you to get competitive and practise your skills


Fancy being the next Mary Berry? Has Gordon Ramsey got nothing on you? Why not show us what you can do in the Freedom Training Kitchen.