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We have accredited courses for those people that are able to manage some course work (this can be through drawing, writing, photographs etc) Evidence is put in a workbook and used to allow the student to progress as they need to.

Cultural Cooking

A fantastic opportunity to gain a sustained qualification. The course focuses on upskilling basic cooking skills and requires working collaboratively which enabled sustained and empowered outcomes.


Feeling Confident? Workshops cover all experiences and outcomes within drama and link in with the Curriculum for Excellence. Students have the opportunity to create a strong understanding of emotion.

Social Enterprises for adults with learning disability and mental health needs

Social Enterprises

Want to find out how to make some money? Learn how to make your own by setting up your very own social enterprise or working with other people in partnership. We can definitely recommend it.


Join the Gardening Team working on our two allotment sites. Help create wildlife gardens and grow your own veg. Get back in touch with nature and help the Catering Team by giving them food to cook. Enjoy the benefits of working in a team, Team Freedom.