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Our Activities and Training – An Introduction

Freedom is an exciting place to be with a variety of courses to choose from. Our students have the option of applying for courses that are suitable for their needs and will at the end receive an accreditation and/or certification. We work in a completely person-centred way with each person choosing the course they want to do and is right for them and support with completing work books. Our courses are run both inside and outside of Freedom HQ depending on what is right for each student. We try where ever possible to use a venue which is normally used when completing an activity such as a farm, leisure centre or an actual hair salon but the focus is always on what is right for the student.

Courses we have on offer.

Our accredited courses are run with tutors from Leicestershire County Council. With topics such as Hair and Beauty, Running your own Social Enterprise, Gardening and allotment, cooking and healthy eating and our very popular Sailing Course in conjunction with Pittsford Reservoir Sailability.

We have the option for clients to join one of our certificated courses open to everyone run by WEA tutors. These topics include Arts and Crafts, Pottery, Bushcraft, Storytelling and drama. We have a Catering Support Worker who works with the Freedom Support Catering Team everyday. Their cakes, puddings and meals are out of this world!

We also have short courses and one-off courses such as a fantastic Partnership with Leicester City Football Club including attending the BT Premiere League Festival in Stoke Mandeville as the Leicester City Team representatives and the Adult Central Venue League Event which includes a small tournament and a Ground Tour of the King Power Stadium. We have specialist tutors that provide physical activity courses for people with high support needs, Wheels For All cycling proficiency, Working with Animals, Working at a Hair Salon (which is in a real Salon in Market Harborough!) and many more. We are having a float in the Harborough Carnival this year and the Freedom Carnival team have been busy working on the float in preparation for this (it’s a secret so I can’t tell you what the topic is) the Freedom Carnival Team are very excited.

These are just some of the options we have available for our students. We are always looking for more exciting and progressive opportunities for all of our students and encourage them to approach us with ideas. We are very fortunate to have wonderful Partners in the Harborough District who are always on hand to support any developments we feel would be beneficial to our students.

We also offer a service to families and will support them through the assessment process with Adult Social Care and DWP if they so wish which is free of charge. We also feel that it is important for each student to have a meal and refreshments so this is included in the cost.

We are extremely proud of the work that they achieve and all students are invited to a ‘graduation day’ which allows the students, tutors, families, staff and partners time to celebrate their successes.

Being Independent For adults with learning disability and mental health needs

One to one social support

One to one support for individuals.

Getting out and about can be difficult if you need that bit of extra support. Our one to one service can help you access groups and activities out in the community.

You can choose the person you want to work with and you choose what it is that you want to do.

We can then work with you to help you to do those things.

For some people this might need a bit of planning and for others it will need a lot of planning and that is OK.

With our one to one service we can provide that support.

If you need to stay at Freedom HQ for a while until you are ready to go out in the community we can support you with that.

Everything is achievable.

If you are ready for one to one support
get in touch with us to get started.

Supported Living For adults with learning disability and mental health needs

Supported Living

This is an exciting time moving into possibly your first home on your own and having the freedom to choose how you want to live your life, the people you want to live with, in the knowledge that you have the best support for you.

It can be a bit scary too so we will work with you to make sure that you are well equipped to live in your own home.

We can support you to be able to do things like

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Planning house rules together
  • Sharing space and respecting other people’s space Having responsibility and compromising.
  • What you want to do in the day, evenings and weekends
  • What you need to do when you leave the house
  • Managing bills and money
  • Employing staff

Where possible we will work to support you to be able to do these things for yourself.

And we will work with your family so they feel comfortable that you are going to be OK.

Help Accessing Funding for adults with learning disability and mental health needs

Help with accessing funding

Understanding the paperwork

Assessments, reviews, support plans, finances, budgets, fairer charging, policy changes. It can all be very confusing.

We offer advice and support to enable you to understand the ‘paperwork’

We can guide you through what it means to have a Direct Payment Card or Direct Payment into a bank account. We can also tell you about other options so that you fully understand your choices.

We will make sure that you understand each and every part of the process if this is what you want. We will always use plain language and will avoid jargon at all costs.

We will help you to access the things that you are entitled to and that is available to you.

We want to understand everything so that you can choose the right options for you.

You do not have to use this service but it will always be available to you.

To get started and let us help you just get in touch with us.

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