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Freedom HQ

Freedom HQ is the name we use for our Headquarters. Where our groups meet to do things together in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment.

You can meet with friends and can choose which things to do. Like drama, art, music, movement and dance. It can be group cooking, computers, karaoke and playing pool. Or take the chance to relax, watch films or just catch up with each other.

It’s also where our managers have their office and where lots of planning happens. Although it can be very difficult with all the fantastic and noisy things that are going on!

There is also lots of training that happens at Freedom HQ like transport training, money management and reception duties.

All of our training records every single achievement. There is a certificate at the end and we monitor your progress through folders and photos.

For some people this has helped them move on to do other things. For some people this has meant being able to be involved when they have never wanted to previously. We celebrate every progression whatever it is.

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