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At Freedom Training Academy we understand that everyone has unique needs and abilities. That is why we offer a variety of courses, experiences and activities so that everyone can have a chance of being involved. 

We have accredited courses for those people that are able to manage some course work (this can be through drawing, writing, photographs etc) Evidence is put in a workbook and used to allow the student to progress as they need to.

For those people that find accredited courses maybe a little too much we have certificated courses which allow our students to complete sections of the courses at their own pace and receive a certificate for each achievement whenever that might be.

For students who require ‘experience of fun activities’ we have the opportunity to try things, get involved, be around people, enjoy and have fun etc. For some people that is a huge success in itself.

Have a look at the courses we offer and see what you would like to do.

Courses And Training

Regular Activities and Training

Arts and Crafts

Here is a chance get involved in projects that add life and brilliance to world. Learn how to design fun and useful objects. Learn new skills as you progress.

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Cooking For adults with learning disability and mental health needs


Fancy being the next Mary Berry? Has Gordon Ramsey got nothing on you? Why not show us what you can do in the Freedom Training Kitchen.

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Gardening For adults with learning disability and mental health needs


Join the Gardening Team working on our two allotment sites. Help create wildlife gardens and grow your own veg! Get back in touch with nature and help the Catering Team by giving them food to cook. Enjoy the benefits of working in a team, Team Freedom.

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Hair and Beauty For adults with learning disability and mental health needs

Hair and Beauty

Have you ever wanted to release the glamorous side of you? Do you want to learn how to do your hair and makeup? Or do someone else’s hair and make-up? This is your chance to learn how to create the style of your dreams and help people to look as fabulous as you!

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Lead and Achieve Certificated Course

This course will help you to achieve your sports, volunteering, and leadership skills whilst being recognised for the work you do. The course is broken down into 4 modules, which will help with learning about leading and achieving in your local community.

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Park Fit For adults with learning disability and mental health needs

Park Fit

Exercise and keep healthy while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of our local Welland Park. This is a great chance to exercise with friends in a

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This is an great chance to be pampered, to look good and to feel good too. Have your hair done, or you nails done, or both!

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Singing for adults with learning disability and mental health needs


What better way is there of expressing yourself than Freedom Supports singing activity. Choose your favourite song and perform in front of a fantastic audience.

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Social Enterprises for adults with learning disability and mental health needs

Social Enterprises

Want to find out how to make some money? Learn how to make your own by setting up your very own social enterprise or working with other people in partnership. We can definitely recommend it.

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Storytelling For adults with learning disability and mental health needs


Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. This is a course all about storytelling. You will learn how to tell a story that is engaging, interesting, and above all, entertaining.

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One-off Activities and Training

Anyone for Tennis?

With Wimbledon upon us we are joining in the fun with new tennis sessions available for all. This tennis course is an introduction to playing the game. Individual attention is given to help everyone develop to the best of their ability. Each week we focus on a different tennis stroke but make sure that everyone remains active through games and small group work. 

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New FA accredited football course

Exciting new Football coaching and refereeing course run by the Football Association in Partnership with Sport and Heath Team Harborough District Council. If you like football and want to take it further than a kick around the park this is the course for you. Any Freedom student can get involved, any age, male or female. Go for it!

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Bowling for adults with learning disability and mental health needs


Fancy a game of bowling? New York Thunder Bowl is one of the biggest leisure centres in Kettering and Freedoms most popular trip out.

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