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Freedom Support Training Academy is a Training Academy for young people and adults with learning disabilities and additional support needs.

At Freedom Support Training Academy, we understand that everyone has unique needs and abilities. That is why we offer a variety of courses, experiences and activities so that everyone can have a chance of being involved.

We have accredited courses for those people that are able to manage some course work (this can be through drawing, writing, photographs etc) Evidence is put in a workbook and used to allow the student to progress as they need to.

For those people that find accredited courses maybe a little too much we have certificated courses which allow our students to complete sections of the courses at their own pace and receive a certificate for each achievement whenever that might be.

For students who require ‘experience of fun activities’ we have the opportunity to try things, get involved, be around people, enjoy and have fun etc. For some people that is a huge success in itself.

There is something for everyone. Please see the courses page for more info on the activities and training that we provide.

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